Australian National Team Beach Handball Camp 2018

Last week we got following message from the Australian National Beach Handball Organisation:

2017 is in the bag and will go down as the most successful year to date in the Men's Beach Handball Team's history.


Overall results were: 

  • 22 international games, 14 wins, 8 losses.  
  • The greatest loosing margin in a set was 7 points.
  • We scored 30+ points for the first time in a set.
  • Our shooting average improved from 36% at last year's World Championships to 63% at the World Games.
  • We were the second best defensive team in the World (behind Qatar). 
  • We lost to the best 3 teams at last year's World Championships (Croatia, Brazil, Qatar) by an average of 4 points a set. 


While this can be seen as a major improvement and achievement, we still lost and there is much to improve on. However being that close to the World's best should give everyone a major confidence boost going into 2018. 

More important than the results, over the last few months the group have set the standard, defined values and implemented a culture to be proud of. 

It's one of RESPECT - respect for your teammates, respect for your coaches and support staff, respect for officials and their decisions. 

It's one of PRIDE - pride in your teammates, pride in yourself, pride in your country and the uniform you're wearing. 

It's one of TRUST - trust that everyone is on the same page, trust that everyone is doing their best for the team, trust in the process and decisions. 

It's one of SELFLESSNESS - putting the teams' interest before personal interest. 

It's one of OPENNESS AND HONESTY - open and honest conflict, open and honest communication, open and honest criticism. 

And it's one of SPACE - space to grow, space to voice your concerns, space to be yourself, space to be the best you can be!

Going forward these are the values and standards we hold dear and expect! 

It is called the BAR OF AWESOMENESS

It has been raised and set very high. Entering into this team, this squad, this program you are all held accountable for your own actions, you are all responsible for meeting these standards and raising the bar every single day! 

This is the National Team of Australia, welcome to the squad! 


Training camps:

Training camps will be run on Saturday and Sunday

You are encouraged to fly in on Friday pm and to not book your flights out before 6pm on Sunday to maximise time together. 

We are cost sharing, meaning we add up flight costs and divide by the number of participants to keep the cost the same for every single player.

I will send out flight costs approximately 4 weeks prior to camp.

If you chose to wait longer, book later, book business class or luggage and pay more than the allocated price, you are expected to bear that extra cost yourself. 

If you book early, use points, get free flights, let us know too, so we can adjust total cost of camp. 

As player from the state we're training in, you're expected to do pick ups, drop offs and make a bed or mattress available for your teammates. 

In some cases it may be a little cozy, but it's just what a team does!


Confirmed camp dates are:

Sydney 18/19 November 2017

Melbourne 20/21 January 2018 

Tiger Airways have a special on for November flights, some as low as $33 one way! 

So if you already know you'll be there, let me know and get booking while it's still cheap to save yourself and everyone else a Dollar or two. 

Otherwise another email with allocated flight costs will be send mid October.

From previous camps experience, cost will approximately be between $150 and $200. 

However last year, if players had booked flight specials early, some camps could have cost as little as $50-60. 

We are still awaiting confirmation of date and location of World Championship Qualifiers. 

If, and it's a big if, qualifiers are held in Adelaide on Nationals weekend, we'll put on a day camp the day before Nationals to finetune. 

Also squad members are encouraged to not enter into mixed competition! Team to play Qualifiers will be announced at conclusion of that one day camp!

If qualifiers are held in another country, we'll let you know asap! 

We're still waiting for OCHF and HA confirmation on this! 

To wrap it up, you are responsible for your own training! Just attending a camp every month is not enough if we are going to beat the best in the world. If you do not train, and more importantly play weekly, it is obvious. So organise training, organise games, work individually. 

Finally, it's your responsibility to attend camps in a way that aligns with our standards and values.



For any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact Patrik (0420809666) or Kelso.